Care for Family

Setting aside funds

for senior care, education, or a wonderful lifestyle for family is one of the most rewarding aspects of good financial planning.
Consulting with a wealth management advisor can allow you to send an aging parent to a top-quality nursing home without financial strain, pay for your child’s college, or even surprise a daughter by paying for her wedding.

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“My investment returns have consistently beat their respective benchmarks.”

-- Mr. Bilal Haffejee

“The efficiency, honesty, and level of detail of the Dharnas is unmatched.”

-- Mr. Chani Luthra

No matter what you’d like to treat

your family to, we can evaluate your portfolio and see what is possible.

Family life is expensive — but we know nothing matters to our clients more than their happiness. Family wealth management is the best way to give your loved ones opportunities to succeed while serving as a financial role model to those closest to you.

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