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About Us

Strategic wealth management helps you to meet your financial goals and ensures you will feel confident about the future. As an independent and family-owned wealth management firm based in Canada, we provide you with unbiased financial advice that is tailored to fit both immediate and long-term needs. With over a decade of experience in wealth advisory services, we help you create a financial retirement plan, set up a college fund for children, offer life insurance consulting, financial risk management consulting, act as a personal wealth advisor, and assist nonprofits, including offering help with church financial management.

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“My investment returns have consistently beat their respective benchmarks.”

-- Mr. Bilal Haffejee

“The efficiency, honesty, and level of detail of the Dharnas is unmatched.”

-- Mr. Chani Luthra

We are wealth managers and accountants.

Our wealth management services are trusted by many wise investors, including top CFOs in the Americas — and we offer the same attention and financial advice for small business owners and our individual clients.