Create Multiple Streams of Income

Bringing in income from

multiple sources can really add to the amount of money you’re able to invest.
Whether you’ve inherited a property you could rent out, have a great idea for a weekend small business, or want to look into compounding investment ideas, we can help.

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“My investment returns have consistently beat their respective benchmarks.”

-- Mr. Bilal Haffejee

“The efficiency, honesty, and level of detail of the Dharnas is unmatched.”

-- Mr. Chani Luthra

Even if you feel like you could

stay at your current job forever, making money more than one way is an emergency plan on its own.

Just like a good portfolio, the way you earn your money should also be diversified. To remain financially independent, don’t be dependent on just one source of income. We can help draw up a financial plan to show you just how much of a difference a small amount of extra money could make to your portfolio.

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