Prepare for Death

Some parts of the future

are more pleasant than others, but the fact is, preparing for death can mean everything to your family.
When someone dies, we want to prepare you for the financial and practical side of their absence. We can gather and guard sensitive account information, name beneficiaries, and discuss estate planning or life insurance.

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“My investment returns have consistently beat their respective benchmarks.”

-- Mr. Bilal Haffejee

“The efficiency, honesty, and level of detail of the Dharnas is unmatched.”

-- Mr. Chani Luthra

Don’t let the death of a loved one

leave you in financial ruin and turmoil. Create a plan today.

We specialize in succession planning for small business owners, in addition to arranging for transfer on death accounts, clearly outline and assessing the value of your life insurance policy, and more.

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